Menjam AoS Legions of Nagash (T9A vampirje) za Skavene

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Menjam AoS Legions of Nagash (T9A vampirje) za Skavene

Post by Zigha » Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:52 pm

Hello mates!

I would like to swap my LON army that i got from friend of mine (i only bought and painted Nagash and Grimghasts Reapers) for a Skaven army.

You get:

Nagash (painted)

Arkhan (primed)

Vampire lord/Manfred on zombie dragon (partially primed, magnetised wings, tips on the wings are damage but with use of some greenstuff you can fix it in no time)

Flying Vampire lord/ Neferata mini (primed)

2 Necromancers (primed, one is from mortis engine)

Tomb Banshee (painted)

Strigoi vampire (unpainted)

Mortis engine (painted, unfinished)

Corpse cart (primed, without base)

40 Skeleton Warriors (painted, unfinished, 4 of them had to be glued on base)

80-100 Zombies (poorly painted, but you can freely repaint them)

13 Direwolves (basecoat, 2 of them still on square bases&1 of them without base, you get 3 oval bases for them)

30 Grimghast reapers (5 painted, 4 primed, 21 unpainted)

30 Grave guard (still on square bases, 20ish of them painted, 10 of them not done yet, some minor damages that can be fixed with bits and pieces that you will also get)

10 hexwraiths (base colors, unfinished)

6 Sprit hosts (2 conversions, unfinished)

10 Black knights (base colors only & without shields, you get shields on sprue)

Lot of bits

..movement trays not included

I want:

Skaven army, especially those minis:


Grey Seer on Doombell

Verminlord Warpseer

a lot of Clanrats



around 20 Skyre Acolytes

Plague Monks


if you want some photos,infos, etc., please contact me:)

Best regards :)

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