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Re: Circle dojo

Post by J_S » Tue Aug 23, 2016 5:35 am

I went on the forums for the first time in weeks to learn that Wormwood is unbeatable. Tharn Ravagers are the natural solution.

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Re: Circle dojo

Post by maxvonlaibach » Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:01 pm

Played a few games this Sunday with what were basically my WTC lists. Baldur didn't change at all, and Wurmwood lost a pureblood, a tree, and woldwyrd in exchange for an argus and Ghetorix to give it more punch. Some short thoughts on the games:

Round 1 vs. Torres (Cygnar)
He brought pStryker with double stormwalls, so I knew it was gonna be a tough game right off the bat. Wurmwood can chew through those guys under arcane shield, but AS + Stryker's feat is a different matter entirely. On turn two I screw up, forgetting that I can see his colossals through the forest, and only do token damage to one (was hoping to cripple it with two blessed warpwolves + CoS). Then in turn he screws up by opting to kill my feral instead of the argus which was contesting the zone. Turn 3 I put serious hurt on one of the stormwalls and kill the Junior controlling the other, then dominate a zone for two. Fun fact: warjacks can now move after they're activated. I stranglehold the one colossal that's closer to my zone (inactive, so he can't really do anything now), but fail the stranglehold on the other (seriously hurt) one. He manages to run it into the zone, but my pureblood is the hero I don't deserve and scraps it. I win 5-2.

Round 2 vs. Simon (CoC)
Simon is a great guy and a pretty good legion player. Sadly, he's just painted up his CoC and wanted to take it out for a spin. He has 9-10" threat ranges and no experience with Wurmwood. When I hellmouthed 7 of his obstructors turn 1, he actually said "no worries, they'll come back from the EF". I felt sorry for him.
Lucant got killed on turn 2, because his feat and the new focus mechanic are no match for Ghetorix at the end of some hellmouth shennanigans (16" baby!). We grabbed some pasta after the game and he told me that there's a journeyman league going on at his office, with 8 players. He works for CD Project Red, the guys behind the Witcher games. I imagine his life is fun.

Round 3 vs. Tutaj (Circle)
He drops Wurmwood into my Baldur. I've mentioned this on Skype, but neither of us understands the other's list, he just happens to be a better player who got to go first. I've lost a couple of wolf riders in a stupid way, and Ghetorix to some luck + no experience with the Circle BE in Mk. III (spoiler: it's good). Ravagers actually kill a bunch of stuff under his feat, and a couple of misplays get me assassinated: I dominate a zone with Baldur instead of moving back to safety, and I don't primal the griffon that goes after Cassius. Good game though, and Wurmwood is definitely within Baldur's reach.

Round 4 vs. Epik (Circle)
He's a newish player I think, with pKrueger (whom he pronounced with "u" and "e" as separate letters) to combat gunlines and pKromac vs. everyone else. I drop the tree. Bestial is annoying and I flub every roll in turn 2 bar one, which puts me on a tilt. Then I forget his Gheto doesn't have pathfinder, and fail to dominate my flag. In turn 3 my luck turns: he places two bloodtrackers in such a way that I can get a 13" line of forest between our armies, and pureblood + Alten all but scrap Ghetorix. From then on we just trade heavies while dominating our flags. He has two heavies to my three, including Gheto. His last hope is to get within 13" of Wurmwood with Kromac, but I just deny his landing spot with stones, so he goes for a desperate spellsassination vs. an ARM 21 tree. 5-2 for me.
I wish we had a chess clock on the table, since it felt like he took ages to make a move.

The tourney is supposed to be a monthly affair, which for me is about as often as tournaments should take place. I finished 4th out of 14, and I like to think it's only because my round 1 opponent got food poisoning and dropped out before round 2, taking my SoS with him. Still, fun times were had, and the tree seems stronger the more I play with it.

I've got some Skorne lists brewing at the moment, hopefully I'll be able to proxy them in the nearest future, let you know how it goes.

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Re: Circle dojo

Post by maxvonlaibach » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:02 pm

Fun times were had in Poznań (Western Poland), where a geekfest of epic proportions took place this weekend. Out of some 300 players, 40 took part in the Warmachine masters event, I believe only x-wing had a higher turnout.
First off, the event was superbly organized, and the orgs were using a sweet little app to run the tournament so as to avoid being swamped by clueless players asking who they're playing and on which table. Here's a link in case you guys plan on running a tourney:

I ran a revised version of my WTC lists, ie. Baldur 1 and Wurmwood, which is totally op.

Game 1 vs. Khador, Butcher 3 & Vlad 1.
The thing with Khador is, they don't really shoot into stealth that well, and if they can't shoot, their threat ranges are rather sub par. There's two ways around this: cheating (Irusk 1) or just steamrolling over anything your opponent might put on the table (Mad dogs). My opponent had neither, probably because he wanted me to look like a dick for bringing Wurmwood.
He dropped Butcher 3 with 3 heavies, IFP and some winter guard riflemen + roockets. Funny thing is, my Mannies' SP 8 totally outthreaten their RNG 14 guns. Whoddathunk? :) Also, sentry stones are great for baiting Butcher to come forward and try to impending doom, since they can't be pushed. Sadly, my opponent was clever enough not to take the bait.
I go second with Wurmwood, and it's really quite a comfortable game for me. He knew he'd get warpwolfed in the face if he brought BigB too close, which made it easier for me to keep out of his 12" threat range. Turn 2 I manage to clear both zones with a stroke of luck (the big round ones), and dominate one of them, trading one warpwolf for a Juggernaut in the process. He then put one of his heavies in each zone, so I just ran + teleported Cassius to dominate the other zone, where a jugger was easier to get rid of than the warpwolf pelt guy.
A well played game for my opponent, (un)fortunately his lists weren't really up to the task at hand.

Pic of my turn 2: bloodtrackers have killed almost all of the IFP, Ghetorix is chilling in my opponent's shadow after having killed his heavy. The winter guard is just out of the other zone. ... sp=sharing

Game 2 vs. Torres (Caine 2 & Stryker 1)
Torres is a great guy, and actually got best Cygnar for the national league in 2016. Playing him is always good friendly violent fun, to quote the classic. This time was no different as I went in to see whether Baldur can beat his Caine 2 list.
He brought a stormwall, hunter, full cav, the infantry that decreases my DEF by just standing there, and a bunch of solos. Scenario consisted of a circular zone and two flags.
Things started off badly for me, as right off the bat I realized that I couldn't be within walking distance of my flag for turn 2 and still behind a forest that afforded me some degree of protection. His turn 2 saw most of the ravagers and wolf riders disappear, and I retaliated by getting rid of his annoying scouts, or whatever they were called. Bog trogs came in to deal with the cavalry, making him a sad panda. When on turn 3 I managed to kill both his stormwall and hunter, I thought I actually had a shot, until Caine responded by shooting both my wolves off the table. From there on it was the usual scenario endgame, trading stones for solos to dominate. He won 5-4 in the end, destroying my entire army while I took out some 87 points of his.

My feat turn, when I thought the game was going well: ... sp=sharing

Game 3 vs. PeterO (Cygnar, Haley 2 & Stryker 2)
What a game, what a lovely game!
He brings a very electric Stryker 2 with storm lances, two stormclads, stormblades, Cathy Stormladdermore, Stormfirefly and a stormjunior. I whip out my wood, ready to avenge Baldur.
The game starts slowly, as my ranged advantage is mitigated by his deceleration and arcane shield. It's a bit of a blur really, the only thing I remember is taking Catherine out with blessed sprays before she could do any real damage, and putting the pressure on him by dominating my zone. I think it was his cav that died next, along with a stormclad, and then both Feral and Gheto. End result was either 3-0 or 3-2 for me on scenario, and a heavy threatening my zone vs. some bloodtrackers and Alten. Realizing the need for radical action, I run + teleport Cassius to the other zone, then teleport the tree and proceed to kill Junior in a trench with a stranglehold, then hellmouth Rhupert + a stormblade, who toughs. Alten advances and although he's been missing almost every shot this game, manages to put one between his eyes.

It's weird, but the best games I've had during this tournament were vs. Cygnar. Here's a picture of how it all ended. Note the very angry Stryker some 2" from my tree. ... sp=sharing
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Re: Circle dojo

Post by maxvonlaibach » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:00 pm

Game 4 vs. Chomik (Kaya 2 & Wurmwood)
This was the last game of day 1, and we were both exhausted. With that in mind, we both chose the list that didn't require too much thinking (a.k.a. not-Wurmwood) and ran stuff forward until I ran out of stuff and he still had one warpwolf. Some examples of our ineptitude:
- I ran the wolf riders straight into his sentry stones, thinking that my DEF can protect me from their sprays
- he got his Argus bog trogged
- he put Laris in charge range of my Scarsfell (then I proceeded to whiff the damage rolls)
- I put both of my heavies in his charge range on my feat turn, assuming that... I honestly don't know what I was thinking.
Not the best game for either of us, but rightly won by my opponent, whose mistakes were far less serious.

Just before the game ends. Note the proliferation of sentry stones and complete lack of wolf riders. ... sp=sharing

Evening activities included drinking beer, talking Warnachine and playing foosball. I arrived at the hotel at around 2 o'clock to find my room locked, as my roommate with the key was still in a club, chatting up some local chicks. He returned at 5 to find the outside door locked by a group of others who arrived half an hour earlier, so... poetic justice, I guess?

Game 5 vs. Encaintar (High Reclaimer and eSevvy)

This game was like getting laid for the first time: a very slow start, then suddenly it's all over. It's HR into Wurmwood, naturally. He brings both cavs, KEs, cleansers and 5 or 6 dervishes. The lack of idrians makes me happy. Scenario is 1 zone, 2 objectives, 2 flags.
I go first and run the wolves aggressively forward, basically denying him the chance to get out of his deployment zone, while keeping all the crucial sticks and stones further behind, wary of his feat. He responds by not really moving out of his table half, only one or two Dervishes to my right reach the flag on that side. The cleansers tried to hard roll an 11 to get rid of Alten on a hill. I mostly moved laterally, sprayed down some exemplar and most of the cleansers. A couple of forests go up in the middle of the table to deny him LoS to my wolves, and one dervish gets strangleheld. He blows his feat to remove my pureblood, a sentry stone, and approximately half of my bloodtrackers. Not too bad for me, honestly. The clutch roll was failing to kill the other sentry stone (he rolled 6 dice, and they were all 1s and 2s). Most importantly, he moved his caster out of the safety of a forest to get everyone in range for the feat, and I had two options:
1) dominate the zone, counterfeat, and score 3 points, or
2) run a mannikin from the remaining stone unit to within 3" of HR for a hellmouth followed by a game of hungry hungry warpwolf.
I choose the latter option and almost make the same mistake I've made during the WTC: hellmouthing both models to the mannikin in such a way that there's an entire width of the base between them. The base being larger than my 1" reach, that would've been a serious problem. Luckily, I spot the mistake before finishing my stone activation and manage to rectify it. My opponent promptly dies and promises to do better next time.

No pics from this one, so a fun fact will have to do: Tomek Tutaj managed a turn 1 CK with Reclaimer. He's totally OP (Tomek, not HR).

Game 6 vs. Kamo (Wurmwood & Baldur 1)
Those warlocks seem familiar :). We decide to get some tree on tree action, he wins the roll of and lets me go first. Scenario is 2 flags, 4 objectives.
This game... had I not been a complete and utter idiot, id would've been mine.
I start off well, by strangleholding his Cassius and running up cautiously. He can't really hellmouth me back in any meaningful manner, some sentry stones kill a bloodtracker or two and Alten (my mistake). On turn two, I manage to remove both his sentry stones and stranglehold his feral. the game is going well. I'm gaining ground. My goal of going 4-2 at a major tournament is within my grasp! The one thing I have to do is not killbox myself.
I killbox myself. Fuck.
Worse still, he manages to get his bloodtrackers on a flag for a 3-0. I put up a brave fight, trade some pieces, clear out his stuff on the other flag to control it, but it's to no avail. A big part of this is the bloodtrackers being made of bloody titanium. Most of my sprays missed, so does the hellmouth (boosted 9s on a warpwolf) that would've put paid to their nonsense once and for all. They manage to clear out my contesting stones for a 5-2.

The pic taken before I disgraced myself: ... sp=sharing

Summary and thoughts:
Man, Poznań sure loves its shopping malls. There's like 3 of them, two among the largest in Europe, within a 10 minute drive of each other.
The tournament was great, and I had a blast in spite of the lack of sleep and proper food. Finishing at 16 out of 40 wasn't bad, although I'm disgusted with myself for how that last game went. Killboxing yourself during a lost game is bad, but doing it when the game is ca. 60-40 in your favor is criminal!

The Baldur list is sure to undergo some restructuring, with wolf riders and bog trogs replaced by druids, Hutchuk (a.k.a. "Hot chick") and 2x sentry stones. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to turn him into a gunline counter and replace the tree with Moshar or pKromac?
Yeah, Wurmwood will be put on the back burner for a while. He's great, and the toolbox is virtually limitless, but I want to try something new. Moshar is tempting, but I have yet to decide whether I want to revert to going 2-4 or 1-5 every tournament :).

Now, where's my Team storm writeup?

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Re: Circle dojo

Post by maxvonlaibach » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:30 pm

There's a fun little tournament coming up in late January with three lists, but the opponent can choose one and say I'm not allowed to play it. The question therefore is: do I bring Wurmwood again and settle on alternating between the other two lists for the remainder of the game, or do I bring three different lists and let the opponents have their way? I'm sort of leaning towards the second option, but would very gladly accept any reasonable arguments for the first. There's also the problem of having to find at least two answers to most types of list my opponents could bring (eg. if I end up paired with Kara/eCaine Cygnar or Mad dogs/Irusk Khador).

With that in mind, I set out this Saturday to test two lists:

eKruger (-27)
- Pureblood (17)
- Pureblood (17)
- Megalith (20)
- Gorax (7)

Full bloodtrackers (16)
Shifting stones (3)

Hutchuk (6)
Reeve hunter (4)
Reeve hunter (4)
War wolf (2)
War wolf (2)
War wolf (2)
Gallows grove (2)

eKromac (-28)
- Wilder (4)
- Ghetorix (21)
- Stalker (19)
- Feral (18)
- Scarsfell (8)
- Argus (7)
- Argus (7)

Druids (12)
- Overseer (4)
Shifting stones (3)

Played a game with each, and they were both a blast. Kruger got matched up against Vindictus, and I pulled off a CK on turn three after baiting him to dominate his own zone. I'm loving the new Reeve hunters, the assaulting purebloods, and most of all, telekinesis!
This will be the basis for my future Kruger lists, although I've got this urge to find a way of putting Dahlia & Skarath and maybe an argus in there. Rebuke, haunting melody + two sources of paralysis should be a pain for most enemies. That would change the whole focus of the list however, from assassination/scalpel to control, and I think it's more limited than the current build.

Kromac faced a new player with Xerxis 1. We played the pit, and he let me go first, wrongfully assuming that meant he would auto-win on scenario :).
Turn one, he misplaces his ferox horribly, letting me get to three in exchange for one griffon, which he only kills by turning his warlock's back to everybody else. I in turn misplace my druids, letting Tibbers overtake into Gheto. He did have to waste two attacks on druids though, and Gheto survives on four boxes. I feat into his feat, taking out both his bronzeback and Tiberion, and it's all downhill from there. Good game, although having pretty much the same threat ranges as skorne heavies hurts. The druid overseer will get swapped for a blackclad next time. Druid wilder, on the other hand, made MVP. I wasn't sold on her when Mk. III rolled around, but the amount of fury she saves from a warlock such as Big Mac is well worth the investment. The list has a lot of punching power, two sprinting heavies, and just a bit of a control element to it, during that first game it all came together perfectly (again, minus the 4 points for that druid overseer).

One other warlock I'd like to explore is Moshar (anti-gunbunny/griffon/mad dog spam build), but I can't seem to find the right models for him. Woldwrath?

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