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Re: Trollbloods Mk3 Dojo

Post by S'tan » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:05 am

List for Horgle? Will it end up being something similar to Doomy2, just max Warders? Well, and different beasts but basically a few heavies, Warders and Krielstone + season to taste. You could take more infantry to take advantage of Solid Ground but 12'' control isn't a lot if you want to have Fennblades for example being where they usually want to be.

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Re: Trollbloods Mk3 Dojo

Post by Weefsat » Mon Nov 07, 2016 4:52 pm

Step 1: Choosing a warlock

There are 2 reasons why I would choose Horgle 2 for my list pairing.
a) He has two cheat spells and doesn't really suffer severely in any other part of his kit because of them. This makes him stronger than most other warlock options.
b) With the inevitable downfall of Madrak 2 trolls will need another warlock in their pairing that can take care of mass infantry (Rok berserk overtake combo is just not reliable enough). Horgle has 3 distinct solutions for this specific problem and does enough about it IMO to be taken along a heavy brick like Ragnor or Doomy2.

Step 2: Assessing Warlock strengths and weaknesses

a) What does Horgle do by himself.
First of all, he is quite survivable. DEF 14/ ARM 19 (spoiler alert, the list will include a krielstone) steady and immune to fire is extremely hard to kill by itself. Second, he helps with infantry clearing. The more obvious way he does it is to use his 4" AOE spell. 3 fury is quite expensive for him, but if your opponent bunches up it can be well worth it, as fire gets around most tricks that light infantry uses to survive (scatter gets around high def and stealth, pow 12 is enough to kill most one wound infantry, it beats shield walls and some other niche defensive abilities.) On top of that, he can also use ignition to clear all models in a 6" ish radius. Of course your opponent is probably going to be wary while positioning troops around large bases that are in range of Hrogle. However, he cannot stop you from dejamming your own beast by hitting it in the back twice (works best on a huge base). In a pinch you can even run a warder into a good position and then hit him twice. At armor 19 - 23 he is quite likely to survive two attacks from Horgle. The last thing he does on his own is an immense one round damage and accuracy boost. Granted, his feat is quite situational and difficult to use on the alpha because of its two limitations (Opponents models must be on fire and in your control). However it's still amazing for a counterpunch. Trolls are often forced to rely on the mauler animus for damage and get very little support in form of accuracy boosts. Horgle solves both of those problems and more easily. This means that you most likely dont need to dedicate as much of your army to heavy hitting as you usually would.

b) What does he make stronger.
First of all, high defense low armor infantry thanks to solid ground. Of course steady helps no matter what you take since trolls have innate tough. Second, he helps high armor models by making their armor insane with inviolable resolve. Third, he helps the bomber by making his AOEs auto fire. That ability is potentially useful on other beasts as well, but I think bomber is the obvious target for it.

c)What are his weaknesses?
He is somewhat reactive. Its extremely difficult to use his feat offensively and both his strong abilities are just defensive buffs. If your opponent can grind you out or harass you at range you're probably going to have a hard time. He also has to stand quite close to the action to benefit his army. Needing to have enemy models in his feat, friendly models in solid ground and possibly having to be close enough to chug AOEs is the main reason for that.

Step 3: Building the list

For obvious reasons were strating off with the stone again, min with the Elder for a start. The second thing his list needs is a high armor centerpiece that can abuse his inviolable resolve. There are several possible targets for it, but at the moment I like the idea of taking mountain king with him as he presents a very difficult problem for your opponent while also helping with the infantry matchup. The second thing I would put int he list is a bomber. He is here to abuse autofire AOEs and can actually output incredible damage through the feat and rage (remember that autofire also triggers on a melee attack hit, so everything is boosted as soon as you hit an enemy beast/jack once).

At this point I'm thinking 2 things. This is still not enough infantry clearing, and Horgle is going to be extremely tight on fury. To remedy that I would include a runebearer. He can help by reducing spell costs early on so you can fill up the stone easier and the he can throw out the autofire AOE later in the game.

If Horgle has to be extremely far forward and low on fury some additional protection is also needed. A full unit of warders is likely to keep him and the other solos, models around him alive for a long time. In certain matchups they also get to keep inviolable resolve on them over mountain king (either because you dont want them pulled, or the ARM 21 mountain king is daunting enough for your opponent to ignore for some time.).

This setup is quite strong IMO and I don't really miss a tarpit all that much since the armor is high enough to take an alpha or at least demand an extreme commitment from your opponent which will resolve in a favorable trade becasue of your feat most likely. There are 19 points left here and I am not exactly sure how to spend them. If it were 20 I would probably opt for bushwackers with UA, but I'm not sure how much I like them without it (still a possiblity). Overall I decided that whatever I take needs to clear infantry as Mountain king, bomber and maybe even warders are enough damage under feat. As the list is quite experimental atm I think its a good idea to put in a pummeler and burrowers. The pummeler helps even more with the infantry matchup and is quite hard to kill through his "3 lives", 12/16 stats, tough, steady and possibly some shield guards. Burrowers are here to walk forward and dig in. They are def 17 at range, tough, steady and no blast damage. At worst they block charge lanes and at best they get a lot of strong shooting done during the feat turn (fully boosted pow 14s). There might come a game when I try to burrow them too, just to see what its like in MK3. Im' suspecting they are one of the units getting a buff though.

Step 4: Final Result

Horgle 2 104
Mountain King 36
Bomber 19
Runebearer 4
Warders 17
Burrowers 13
Pummeler 6

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Re: Trollbloods Mk3 Dojo

Post by maxvonlaibach » Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:30 pm

What's a Pummeler?

I'm actually quite surprised not to see 2x fire eaters & a pyre troll as the start of a list. The main problem you're gonna have IMO is needing to activate something before Horgle on feat turn to set people on fire. In your list I'm guessing it's gonna be the bomber, but having a couple of extra sources of long range fire that are expendable (and thus allow you to commit the bomber as a melee beatstick) wouldn't hurt.

The other thing that worries me is insulation for your MK. Yes, he's gonna be ARM 23, but he will go down to two heavies. Burrowers should work fine though, do they have AD?

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