40k Turnir - Spring Gathering, Slavonski Brod (28-29.4.2018)

Najpopularnejša strateška namizna bojna igra. Uporablja 28mm modele, D6 kocke in se odvija v daljni prihodnosti vesolja, kjer imperij človeštva klone pod silami demonov, nezemljanov in heretikov.

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Re: 40k Turnir - Spring Gathering, Slavonski Brod (28-29.4.2018)

Post by generalsava-žan » Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:26 pm

jaz sem tudi zaintereseran vendar nemorem se potrdit
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Re: 40k Turnir - Spring Gathering, Slavonski Brod (28-29.4.2018)

Post by PapaOrk » Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:00 pm

lepo za en avto nas je mogoce ze.

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Re: 40k Turnir - Spring Gathering, Slavonski Brod (28-29.4.2018)

Post by Brdator » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:52 pm

RULESPACK FOR SPRING GATHERING 2018. - April 28th and 29th, Radnički Dom, Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

Timeline will be added at a later date. Deadline for rosters is 22nd April 2018 and after that all rosters will be published. Due to the limited number of participants we can host this year you can start your applications right away either by a private message to our page or via kmmpanonniaminor@gmail.com. If you need accommodations for the tournament, please contact us as soon as possible so we can reserve a room for you at the hostel 5mins away from the venue.

1.Missions and Scoring
Missions and deployment:

Round 1: Cleanse and Capture - Dawn of War
Round 2: Contact lost - Spearhead assault
Round 3: Kill Confirmed - Search and Destroy
Round 4: Spoils of War - Frontline Assault
Round 5: Tactical Escalation - Hammer and Anvil

If a player generates a Maelstrom-Objective that he is not able to score (for example if you draw witch hunter and your opponent doesn't have any psykers), he is allowed to put it aside and draw a new objective.

The pairing of players in the first round is random (but we will make sure that players from the same teams do not meet in the first round), from the second round forward the pairing of the players will be determined by the Swiss System.


All gathered victory points are added up at the end of the match and compared against each other. The points difference determines the result of the game.

Difference in victory points
























Victory points will be used as a tiebreaker. You can note victory points on your result slip.

The total annihilation will result in a 20-0 victory and the total difference in victory points will be 12-0, if you had a bigger lead in the objectives than that you will add 2 VP to that difference.

2.Constructing your Army:

Your army may not include more than 2000 points. Your army has to be battle-forged.

Your Army may not be built out of more than three detachments and you cannot duplicate any detachments.

Forgeworld models and rules are not allowed.

Your warlord has to be marked on your army list.

Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers, Relics and all other options that have to be decided “before the game begins” (e.g. The Chapter Master Stratagem) have to be noted down on your army list and can not be changed throughout the tournament.

English publications and rules texts always have priority compared to texts and publications in other languages.

The rule ‚Understrength Units‘ does not apply.

3.Additional Rules:
Games Workshop Beta Rules:

We are using the Beta Rules provided by Games Workshop. Please note that we still may exclude specific rulings and changes made by Games Workshop.

The First set of Beta Rules can be found here:

https://www.warhammer-community.com/…/t ... -of-faqs-a…/

PLACING OBJECTIVES AND CHOOSING SIDES: After all objectives have been placed, players roll off and the winner chooses his side. The other player then starts to set up his first unit.

RANDOMLY GENERATED VICTORY POINTS (MAELSTROM): If a tactical objective asks you to generate the amount of victory points randomly (roll a D3) , you always get 2 victory points instead.

FIRST TURN: The player who deployed all his/her units first, gets a +1 modifier on the roll off to determine who goes first.

TACTICAL OBJECTIVES: Each player must use tactical objectives 11-16 that are faction specific if the faction has a codex by the time of the tournament. Factions that do not have a codex by the time of the tournament use the generic ones. Every player must bring his own set of tactical objective cards to the tournament.

4. Miniatures:

All armies need to be painted in at least 3 colors. The main army colour is a must (we will not accept black/white undercoat, with three items painted in random colors). You can use models that are painted as a different chapter/craftworld/hive fleet as any other of those regardless of paintjob.
All models must be WYSIWYG.

5. Best painted army and best sportsmanship

There will be no points given for painting or sportsmanship.
Anyone who wishes to compete for the best painted army will be able to display his army during the lunch break on the second day. The players and the tournament staff will then cast their votes for the best painted army.
Sportsmanship - you will simply vote for your best opponent at the end of the tournament. The person with the most votes will get Best sportsmanship award.

6. Rosters

Please send your rosters in ETC format for easier inspection and publishing, if you are not familiar with it, contact us and we will send you an example.

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Re: 40k Turnir - Spring Gathering, Slavonski Brod (28-29.4.2018)

Post by Brdator » Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:33 pm


1. Tomislav Brdar (Panonnia Minor) - Adeptus Custodes
2. Josip Dujmić (Panonnia Minor) - Tau Empire
3. Dominik Čavčić (Panonnia Minor) - Space Marines
4. Damir Dražić (Panonnia Minor) - Ynnari
5. Bojan Lipić (Zaigrana Koza, Pula) - Imperial Guard
6. Luka Čelan (Zaigrana Koza, Pula) - Grey Knights
7. Aldo Šuran (Zaigrana Koza, Pula) - Tau Empire
8. Vedran Draščić (Zaigrana Koza, Pula) - Space Marines
9. Adriano Ivančić (Zaigrana Koza, Pula) - Adeptus Mechanicus
10. Marijan Čuček (Zmelta Tenjak, Sarajevo) - Tyranids
11. Tomislav Turić (Zagreb) - Death Guard
12. Nikola Rajaković (Zagreb) - Space Marines
13. Tomislav Mitrović (Arkadia, Zagreb) - Imperial Guard
14. Ivan Katić (Arkadia, Zagreb) - Adeptus Custodes
15. Todosiciuc Bogdan Adrian (Timisoara) - Chaos Daemons
16. Marko Iovanovici (Timisoara) - Space Marines
17. Hanseriz Flaviu (Timisoara) - Space Marines
18. Velimir Marović (Zagreb) - Death Guard
19. Tomislav Varga (Zagreb) - Chaos Daemons
20. Marin Tuđman (Zagreb) - Space Wolves
21. Miljenko Jurjević (Zagreb) - Imperial Guard
22. Malik Šišič (Zmelta Tenjak, Sarajevo) - Imperial Guard
23. Ahmet Redžepović (Zmelta Tenjak, Sarajevo) - Blood Angels
24. Borislav Damis (Zmelta Tenjak, Sarajevo) - Tyranids
25. Rijad Konjhodžić (Zmelta Tenjak, Sarajevo) - Tau Empire
26. Adnan Hozo (Zmelta Tenjak, Sarajevo) - Chaos Space Marines
27. Boris Kunilo (Ljubljana) - Tyranids
28. Filip Kunilo (Ljubljana) - Imperial Guard
29. Alexandru Pleşa (Timişoara) - Necrons
30. Davor Schwabe (Zagreb) - Adeptus Custodes
31. Robert Maras (Zaigrana Koza, Pula) - Tau Empire
32. Ivan Rašić (Arkadia, Zagreb) - Chaos Space Marines
Alen Andrić (Panonnia Minor) - Chaos Daemons
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Re: 40k Turnir - Spring Gathering, Slavonski Brod (28-29.4.2018)

Post by Brdator » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:46 pm

List of participants updated, not too many places left

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