Skaven, Dwarf, Bretonnia, Tomb Kings and Chaos for sale

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Skaven, Dwarf, Bretonnia, Tomb Kings and Chaos for sale

Post by bk5b » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:33 pm

21x Ironbreakers (old ,metal) €30
2x Slayer €8 (both)
1x Dwarf cannon (metal) + crew €15
1x Queen Helgar €4
1x Dwarf lord (the one on the hill, metal) €4
1x Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer (custom made) €3
4x Longbeards (old, metal) €8
25x Dwarf Warriors €25
19x Thunderers €20
The lot goes for €110+ you get 41 EM4 miniatures dwarf for free

220x Clan Rats €200
20x Gutter Runners €30
25x Rats €20
6x Rat Ogre (1 is metal) €20
3x Rattling gun (metal) €15
3x Flame Thrower €15
2x Doomwheel (1x is metal) €40 for both
1x Abomination (made by myself) €20
1x Plague Furnace €35
3x Gas Mortar €15
Whole lot goes for €400

34x Knights of the Realm €130

Tomb Kings
2x High Queen Khalida (metal) €18 for both
1x Liche priest on foot (metal) €10
6x Skeleton Chariots €60
5x Shabtis (metal) €45
20x Tomb Guard (metal) €55
1x Screaming Catapult (metal) €30
20x Skeleton Calvary €80
1x Casket of Souls (metal) €30
16x Skeleton Archers €30
61x Skeletons (all shields there) €100
2x Scarab Swarms (metal) €10
whole lot goes for €450

Warriors of Chaos
Tzeentch Sorcerer lord on Disc (metal) €20
Chaos Sorcerer Lord on foot €7
Harry the Hammer (metal) €10
Crom the Conqueror (metal) €7
Khorne hero on foot (metal) €7
Chaos Chariot (partially unassembled) €20
15x Warriors of chaos (paint stripped) €15
3x River Trolls (unassembled, some on sprue) €30
lot goes for €85


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