Blog: Hear me Roar! [AoS, 40k]

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Blog: Hear me Roar! [AoS, 40k]

Post by Marcus » Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:20 am


2x 5 Liberators; easy to build
1x 5 Retributors; easy to build
1x Lord Relictor
1x Lord Castelant with Gryph hound

Skirmish; 50 renown
Seize the Altar

Lord Relictor (pendant of Sigmar, Merciless Killer)
Liberator prime
Prosecutor Prime; trident
Prosecutor Prime

Vs Khorne Chaos
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Re: Blog: Hear me Roar! [AoS, 40k]

Post by lord_blackfang » Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:38 am

No, saj že veš da karkoli vijoličnega avtomatsko dobi moj seal of approval :)
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