Aoa etc

Fantazijska bojna igra z 28mm modeli in D6 kockami. Demonske pošasti in bojne kočije, magija in smodnik, velikani in pritlikavci.

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Aoa etc

Post by Darkangel » Thu May 31, 2018 2:07 pm

Posredujem mail iz strani etcja


I’m Melisa, the captain of the AoS Turkey Team. We are currently involved in creating the AoS side event and we want to increase the number of countries.

It would be great if we go with the highest possible number of teams for the first AoS ETC tournament. If you have local Age of Sigmar community, can you provide us with a contact info or forward this e-mail to them?


Ce koga zanima naj me kontaktira da znam naprej posredovat
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No conquest without control.

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