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Quartermaster says

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:40 pm
by S'tan
Now that the whirlwind of the Warmachine and Hordes New Edition release is finally settling down, I have made the time to catch up with all of you!


Before the release of the WM/H New editions, Privateer Press ran their Headhunter Promotion. With this promotion, a lucky fan and the LGS would each win an awesome "mounted trophy head" of either a Warjack or a Trollblood. Pics of each of the actual prizes are attached to this email. The winner of Warjack trophies were Firestorm Games in Cardiff, Wales and their local player, David Heyman.The winner of the Trollblood trophies were TTS Tabltop Shop in Hamburg, Germany and their local player, Lennert Meyer-Puttlitz. Congratulations to all of them for winning such a rare prize. The trophy heads will be sent to the stores this week.


The EU Masters Series, which in 2016 consists of 22 Masters tournaments in 22 different countries, will be wrapping up this coming weekend, with the Spanish Masters and the Belgium Masters. When all of the EU Masters Series events come to an end, all of the winners will be invited to participate in the EU Masters Champions Tournament, at the Black Oil Gaming & Social Hub in Brno, Czech Republic, where we crown the WM/H Champion of Europe! For those of you not familiar with the EU Masters Series, which features over 1,000 players from across Europe fighting it out to win both the country specific Masters and eventually the European event, here is a link to the Beasts of War site where you can see the action from the recent event with their live video blog: ... live-blog/


For anyone that feels they have missed the boat, the Belgium Masters, taking place this weekend, has a few tickets left and they can be purchased via the link below. The Belgium Masters will be competitive but is also a very fun atmosphere. We would like to see some French players attending the Belgium Masters. Presently, there are no French representatives for the finale, as the French Masters was won by an Italian. The previous EU Masters Championship had three players from France, the 2015 French Masters winner, the 2015 Austrian Masters winner and the LCQ winner. ... s-xxx.html


On the subject of tickets still being available for events. ClogCon, taking place in Amsterdam have told me they have a couple tickets left. While not part of the EU Masters Series, this event also features top players from Europe and is run by an experienced team. ClogCon takes place in two weeks and tickets can be purchased via their web site;


While Smog Con does not take place until February, I would be amiss if I didn't get this warning out to everyone, as there are less than a few dozen tickets remaining. Smog Con is the largest event for Warmachine/Hordes in Europe. It is the closest that Europe will get to the Lock & Load experience, there are tournaments for different levels of play, casual play, painting, board games, the Privateer Press "store" and most exciting, special guests from the Privateer Press studio in the USA. These studio members will be playing games with attendees as well as hosting hang outs. But rather than me going on about it, visit the Smog Con web site at; and get all of the information, schedules, pics of previous events and the venue, as well as this link to purchase one of the few remaining tickets:

All the best,


Re: Quartermaster says

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:07 am
by S'tan
Hey Gang,

It looks like the Limited Edition Warlocks are up for sale on the PP website.

They cost USD$24.99 each for the model, the box and the pin. They still have to be purchase directly, and shipped from, Privateer Press in the USA. But I wanted to get this to you, as these things always seem to sell quickly.

Take care,


Re: Quartermaster says

Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:54 am
by S'tan
Just want to wish the entire EU Press Gang a Happy Holiday!

It's been a fun year. The New Edition of WM/H created some crazy times with the big switch, you guys adjusting your demos and tournaments, some at the very last minute, and Steve and the gang in the Liverpool warehouse switching out about 1,200 different cards in all the products in the warehouse. Now soon we won't even need the cards!

I don't have any numbers on how many events you guys ran, to see if it beats our 2015 record, as I will be waiting for all your December events, but it may be close. Especially with some of the new Press Gangers really turning on the guns and holding tons of events. I can't name you all, but you know who you are. Great job !

What has happened this year is pretty much every larger event, if it wasn't already capped, was bigger than 2015. With so many new high-quality events planned for 2017, I can't see how this can continue, but you and the community will have a lot of options.

As I write this, we have recorded every submitted EU event and Steve has gotten out almost every order and expects the few remaining to ship before the end of the year. So this is a good time to check your account to make sure every event you've submitted has been credited. It's also a good time to make sure we are caught up on any bonus points for Battle Group reimbursement. We do these manually and they can slip through the cracks : )

Speaking of events, Jason will be attempting to put together a comprehensive EU Events Calendar. If you would like your event included on this list, please send Jason all the info you have; event name, date, link or email address for info, etc.Jason's email address for these notices is;

There are only 13 tickets remaining for the 2017 Welsh Masters, so if you or anyone in your community were thinking of attending, here's the link for tickets:

The 2017 Irish Masters that take place in May have their tickets up for sale as well at the link below. I can't see how many are still available, but the link can answer your queries: ... ckets-2017

If a trip to Ireland tickles your fancy, but May is not a good time for you, there is the Iron Gauntlet in August, link below. In fact, players may want to hit one or both of these Irish events.

The UK office will be closed on Monday and Tuesday as they are National Holidays in the UK, but still submit reports, orders and questions, and we'll handle them on our retur.

Thanks for a great 2016 and looking forward to 2017.

Take care,


Re: Quartermaster says

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:50 am
by S'tan
The UK Nationals Masters is back!

Tickets are available now.

This event, considered the Grandfather of all European Masters tournaments is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of September 2017. Once again this will take place at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre, in Stockport.

There are no special qualifications for anyone to attend, only the desire to compete and enjoy time with fellow Warmachine/Hordes fans.

There is space for 128 players at this 75 point event and will follow the official Privateer Press Masters pack.

The event will last for 7 rounds, 4 on the Saturday and 3 on the Sunday. We expect to start at 10am on the Saturday and end around 8pm, while we start 10am on Sunday and end around 5pm

Lunch will be provided on the day as part of the ticket price. Drinks and snacks are available from the always friendly staff which includes a fully stocked bar, that remains open beyond tournament hours.

Jason will be there as normal with medals and prizes for the top finishers (as well as the not so top finisher...). And to give everyone a chance to go home with something, we'll have our famous raffle. Judging by their popularity at last year's event, you can expect more Mystery Paks, some better than others : )

Tickets will cost £27.50 and will go on sale Tuesday, January 10, at 9:00am GST, via this link:

We hope to see you there.

All the best,

Cerberus Ent./Privateer Press EU

You are receiving this email as we show you've attended a one of our events or have contacted us in the past. If you would like us to remove you from this list, please respond with REMOVE. Thank you.

Re: Quartermaster says

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:04 am
by S'tan
Hey Gang,

I hope the errata released before the holidays and the recent Skorne update has delivered most of what you and your local communities have been wanting. We've seen a fairly strong up tick in events these past weeks, so it appears everyone is giving it a go with the changes.

Regarding placing PG orders in Europe. While you are all free to set up an account and order from the Privateer Press store, it still seems best to me that you order as you have been, by sending me a completed order form. There's also the fact that I haven't bothered looking in to how the store works with regard to Press Gangers. If you have any issues with this, you'll need to contact the USA Quarter Master, James, at; Plus
the shipping costs from the USA to Europe might not be so favorable : (

EVENTS for 2017

Presently, Jason is working on a master list of all known EU events for Warmachine and Hordes. There are a few good lists already, so he may simply steer us all towards them and update them when needed.

The tickets for the UK National Masters, scheduled for the weekend of September 9th are live, and can be purchased at:

Any of you that have attended the UK Masters in the past know that every year we try to make it just a little bit better than the year before, and the value is unquestioned. We always have a lot of ideas or changes we want to introduce like the vouchers or the "everyone wins" raffle we had last year and if I could ever get my "stuff" together, there'd be more. We do know that the Mystery Paks were a hit last year, so they'll be back...

Some events are already sold out for 2017 such as Smog Con or the Welsh Masters, but there are still others that are hitting my desk, that I want to throw out to all of you to spread to your local communities via Facebook, Forums, etc. While most of us still play in our local area, the Warmachine community has been crossing borders frequently as we are truly an international community.

Speaking of Smog Con, as I've been asked a few times, we will have some of the con exclusive minis, plushies, pins, Grind Balls, and pre releases for sale. I do not have an accurate list yet, but this weekend is considered a Privateer Press event, as they are sending some of their staff members. This means these items will be available on the PP web store during the weekend. While this sounds like a weak sales pitch, I have to mention that quantities will be limited. But it's true. PP doesn't offer these things, especially the pre releases to flood the market, it's more for excitement and to add another layer to the enjoyment of the event. They don't send large quantities of anything, except the Smog Con exclusive pin and the exclusive secret pre release model, as being a Smog Con exclusive the thought is that everyone should have a chance to pick one up.

Another thing worth mentioning. Smog Con is sold out, but the guys from Beasts of War will be there doing live video blogs, interviews with PP staff and all the other goodness they're known for. So at any time during the Smog Con weekend, if you or anyone in your local community is not attending, you can still follow the action and get the news on the new faction, live as it's happening at

Events coming soon:

The first EU Masters Series tournament, the Norwegian Masters will be held in Oslo next weekend, January 28th. There are only 64 slots available for this Masters tournament and in December they still had 15 available. As I write this I am not sure if any remain, but this is a multi-tournament event, so if you are interested in attending or just want more information, visit their site at:

The Netherlands Masters is scheduled for the weekend of March18th. For additional information, contact:

The weekend of March 25th, there will be the Infernal Forge Masters in Barcelona, Spain. Tickets can be purchased via: ... 3450-p.asp

And more info can be found at:

I've not yet visited Barcelona on Infernal Forge, but Barcelona is on my bucket list and I know that Infernal Forge is becoming a bit of a gaming Mecca, so I plan on visiting Infernal Forge in the future. This is a good chance for anyone with a free weekend to hit them both. I believe this sells out, so if interested, don't delay.

Upcoming events of merit:

The ETC is moving venues from the NWGC to Firestorm and will take place the weekend of July 1st. Information can be found at:

CLOG CON 2017 will be held the weekend of November 10-12. Tickets will go live on March 25th at: ... nov-10-12/

The plans for the EU Masters Championship Tournament should be sorted in the next month. Once again it will be hosted by Black Oil in Brno, Czech Republic, and will invite all of the EU Masters Series winners from 2016, as well as have a LCQ and a lot more. Details will follow. But you can see videos of last year's event at: ... live-blog/

If you want Jason to include your event on the master list for Europe, please contact him at We do not like giving out your personal email unless you okay it, so it's always best if there is a website where we can point people for information and/or ticket sales. Or, you could make a seperate email address you use only for the event, that we could pass along.

I hope to see many of you at Smog Con! For those that can't make it, please check the Beasts of War site and let your local community know they can do the same. And also pass along the information for all of these great events.

Take care,