Hungarian Masters 2016 (22-23 October)

Steam-punk fantasy 'skirmish' igra z 28 mm modeli in večjimi roboti / zvermi namesto tankov :)

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Hungarian Masters 2016 (22-23 October)

Post by Baffo » Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:24 am

Ok, I just got another event invitation trough Facebook:

Here is the event's FB page:

The short stick is:
22nd-23rd of October 2016
32 players tournament (5 round, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday)
Masters Dyad format D&C 0 (so you bring 2 lists but you don't actually need to play them both, you can go all tourney with 1 list if you want).
Hardcore painting requirements (all models MUST be painted, arcs on bases, no proxies, conversions must pass TO approval)
Registration starts on October 1st.
List submission deadline on the 10th of October

In general it looks promising, but the Hardcore painting requirement might be a challenge for half of our players, but on the other hand we can decide after WTC if we have enough people with painted armies willing to make the road trip...


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