Trollbloods warlocks first impressions

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Trollbloods warlocks first impressions

Post by Weefsat » Tue May 24, 2016 6:01 pm

I'll try to review every troll warlock here. It's made for me to organize my thoughts more than as a public presentation (though to be fair most things I write here are, hence the often long ramblings). I'll look at three things for each model: changes, opinion on power shift and some good synergies with other models. If I change my mind about something or think of something new I'll just edit the text.

Borka 1:

Changes:Instead of brain damage he gets crit pitch, Iron flesh replaced with Arcane ward (+2def and can't be targeted by enemy spells). 28 WB points.

Opinion: Arcane ward is a strong spell. It's difficult to remove because there is almost no more purification, no more Eiryss 2 and the rest of the upkeep removal is a targeted spell which doesn't work vs it. This plus not getting the -1 speed drawback makes it better than the old iron flesh imo. Overall I would say Borka 1 got buffed, the changes are minor but with the new meta it's definitely worth a try.

Rok is very strong in mk3 imo so he's worth taking even without the bond. Stumbling drunk can save you every now an then but on its own I wouldnt say it matters that much on a def 12 model (matters very much on def 14 borka). The obvious synergy for me are champs. Against melee they are 16/18 steady and tough models that probably won't get debuffed. They also hit like a truck as they always have and I think you will always take 1 unit with all the condiments when playing Borka. Aside from that you should definitely get a mauler. He synergises with the feat quite well is a very solid heavy in MK3 and gives Borka 1 a needed dmg buff.

Borka 2:

Changes: Mount lost crit brutal and got crit KD with thrash. New mount rules give reposition and battle rider. 29 warbeast points.

Opinion: He's the same. I still don't like him much and likely won't ever play him. I would tell you to go read what I wrote about him alst time but our old forum is now lost forever I guess.

Synergies: Tough things that you want to stick into melee, preferably beasts.

Calandra 1:

Changes: +1 fury, loses mercy killer, 27 warbeast points.

Opinion: Great changes. Make her weaknesses weaker, stregths stronger, this is what good design is about. Obviously this is meant as a straight buff though. Overall I think she still won't be one of our top casters. You still need to be fairly close to cast befuddle or misfortune (even to get the starcrossed effect) and if you don't you're basically stuck with a model that hands out rerolls. I'm not sure how strong assassination is after the changes though (her main weakness). Will definitely play her.

Synergy: Calandra was always a turd polisher because of her feat and fate- blessed. The only real synergies I can think of is offsetting her squishiness and playing high def models to make star crossed more annoying. So with that in mind I would definitely take champs again, along with Janissa (or maybe not, depending on how LOS works, and how the +2 def compares to exposing your caster). Highwaymen and Braylen are also ok with her and they actaully do have synergy with befuddle. But basically you can jsut take any list you want and she will make it better.

Madrak 1:

Swapped feat for a nerfed version of Madrak 2 feat (ony one attack instead of thresher), sure foot is not an aura but isntead a model/unit. Stonefall isntead of stranglehold, guided hand isntead of carnage. Ricocher and blood boon, instead of crit griveous. +1 arm, 29 wb points.

Opinion: Really disappointed by him. The previous feat was better and there was no reason to nerf this one. Carnage is better than guided hand on all accounts I can think of and especially with blood boon, stone fall is worse than stranglehold and I feel it was added jsut so you don't feel bad about only casting 2 fury spells with blood boon and sure foot doesn't really support bricking as well anymore whic is all Maddy 1 was good for. This guy was weak before and is weaker now. Won't play him unless I'm missing something.

Synergies: High def models that spread out. Highwaymen maybe, but I don't feel liek thinking about it too much since he doesn't matter.

Madrak 2:

Trades killing ground for a shitty offensive spell. Relentless charge now a field marshall. Grim salvation is 3 inches and redirects the damage roll instead of removing the model. Griveous wounds no longer crit.. Warpath is 3 fury to cast. Feat is a nerfed version of Madrak 1 feat, you get berserk instead of just getting an extra attack. 28 wb points.

Opinion: It's like getting a junior butcher, a personal dream of mine come true. I'm not sure how strong he will end up in the end but overall I just love everything about this guy. I also feel like he got straight up buffs all around. The only downside he got is that his beasts can't charge for free any longer, but that was competing with warpath as a personal upkeep anyway so I don't mind it at all. Now all I want to see is a game where Madrak eats up 15 infantry models before getting to the enemy caster and wrecking him with 20 fury. Will definitely play him, would sacrifice Madrak 1 on an altar for him again.

Fennblades for blood fury and cleave action. Long riders would probably be ok with blood fury as well. For beasts I would likely take Mulg as he can really get a lot of work done with the feat, and then a mauler for the damage buff (I'm sort of sad Madrak can't use it anymore but it's still worth it.) . Anaxer is also very strong with the feat, but since you have pathfinder anyway I'm not sure if he is necessary. On a sidenote, I'm not sure if it works or if it could ever be set up in a game, but berserking through a unit with the war wagon would be crazy with momentum. Last but not least, Fell caller, he's jsut very good especially with Madrak 2.

Doomy 1:

Purification traded for Dissolution (+1 fury, but purification also costs 4 now, doesn't remove animi but instead damages the spellcaster by d3 for each spell removed). Banishing ward traded for guardian beast, which is like the Vayl 1 protective ability but an upkeep. Rampager is now cost 4. Weapon got Accurse (remove all focus and fury points from models hit by this weapon). 29 wb points.

Opinion: Can't really decide. Dissolution is strong, especially now that it's so much rarer. The weapon
actually got some fury management. Guardian beast vs banishing ward is... questionable. Both abilities really strong so I can't really decide. It certainly makes your opponent think twice before trying to assassinate you in melee since Mulg might hit you away but you usually die at range anway. His best change is actaully hidden imo. With all the extra beasts, jacks and focus going around his feat got about twice as good I think. I will wait and see what lists get played and decide on him later. He's more of a coutnerpick.

Synergy: GK or bomber with the fury management. MK to protect you with watcher. Nothing else matters as much since you are more oriented around countering your opponent than supporting your army anyway. You do need enough large bases to block line of sight to him though.

Doomy 2:
Changes: Trades Goad for field marshall overtake, trades sunder spirit for hex blast, trades refuge for psycho surgery. 27 wb points.

The biggest problem I had with Doomy 2 is that I couldn't really handle infantry that well since 2 models could block me and the the rest would be just out of range. Goad was to expensive to handle this so I think that field marshall overtake is actually a small buff. Hex balst is miles better than sunder spirit and I'm super happy about it. Psycho surgery could be better than refuge depending on what kind of list you make. He's actually stronger than he was, but will amybe get weaker overall because of other models changing. Will still play him but need to make a completely new list.

Synergy: Mulg for overtake madness, Axer for pathfinder, Rok for overtake insanity and damage buff, whelps to handle all those beasts. I don't know where exactly to go from there but I think I'm more or less going to want to fit in more beasts.

Doomy 3:

Changes: Loses goad, feat now heals for d3+3 instead and doesn't take away a damage die anymore. Scroll bearer has 1 less strength (good balancing PP). 26wb points.

Opinion: He got nerfed, but is probably still playable. The thing that bothers me most is that feat gets completely destroyed by griveous wounds now. Should mention though that 26 wb points is a lot better compared to others than 3 was. He's ok even with the nerds but I don't think I'll paly him.

Exact same as before, big tough beasts that you can park on the scenario and wreck with.

Grim 1:

Changes: His feat doesn't stop charges anymore because of changes to speed debuffs. Trades lock the target for mantrap (cost 3, range 10, aoe 4, pow 12, warrior, models hit become KD). Marked for death no longer grants line of sight. 29 WB points.

Opinion: He's about the same as he was so he's still good. I never played him before though and I don't think I'll start now.

Maybe Bandits for weald secrets (previously called cross country). Then whatever else you want, since he's more focused around debuffs anyway. All kinds of armies work with him.

Grim 2:

Changes: Mirage cost is now -1 fury.

He's the same as he was, meaning good. Only thing that he's sort of missing is burrowers imo. Could get harder to pull off mark target now. Might still play him but want to try some new stuff first.

Synergies: Bombers, glacier king, Dozer and Smigg. You also need a unit to tarpit and proc mark target. I think fennblades with a Kithkar (and mirage on them) are perfect for this.

Grissel 1:

Changes: +1 rat, cacophony doesn't stop orders anymore and isn't range control even during feat. Hammer loses crit smite but she get deafen on both weapons (A model hit by this weapon suffers -2def and cannot give or receive orders for 1 round). She get boundless charge and an updated hallowed avenger (grants righteous vengeance instead of pseudo countercharge). Calamity is now range 10. 29 WB points.

Initially I didn't think much of her, but then I saw calamitywent up to range 10. I think this is a really important change and if we remember she also got a good extra spell on top of it she's now quite a good warlock. The thing with her is that she has no real low points but also no real high points. She revolves around you building an all around strong army that takes all comers. That could certainly have a place in a tournament setting an I will definitely consider it.

You just need to take a rounded army. Some good infantry some good beasts, some things that can protect her. I don't think that there are some specific synergies as long as you cover all bases.

Grissel 2:

Feat grants reposition instead of hyper agression. Traded inhospitable ground for wailing, arcane bolt for deflection. Her gun is Rof 3 (not reload) but the AOE that gets left on the ground is now pow 7 not 12. WB points 27.

I'm not sure how I feel about reposition vs hyper agression. Your army is quite fast to get to the scenario now though. Deflection (+2 def against ranged and magic attack rolls) is certainly better than arcane bolt and is in fairly strong in trolls. The difference between def 12 and 14 is noticeable. Losing inhospitable ground for wailing sort of sucks though. I'm not exactly sure how orders work in MK3, but in MK2 I would just expect the opponents battlegroup to kill the affected beast and then the wailed infantry would charge anyway. Standing close enough without snipe to make use of her 3 shots seems quite dangerous to me. Still, she is a lot more fun to me than her previous version. If I think of a fun list with her I might use her, but I feel she would struggle against factiuons with strong melee like Khador and cryx..

She's all about getting to the scenario fast and then standing your ground through your natural troll toughness. There's not as much of it as there used to be, but you should still play to our strengths. To that effect you probably want to use warders and long riders. Long riders especially seem nice to me with her, because they are fast enough to cause trouble to ranged lists. Additionally you probably want some beasts like the axer or the bouncer to act as tough roadblock with a mauler behind to turn them into something that can actaully output damage.


Gets field marshall killshot, 28 wb points.

Opinion: Gunnbjorn is a weird warlock. When he came out noone liked him, I even remember him being voted the worst warlock in the game once, but slowly he started being accepted. This probably has to do with a lot of our new releases being range oriented. We've now come to a point where he's a serious competitive consideration. We all remember how strong a rock wall is, guided fire can now be used on appropriate beasts and snipe has nice units to be used with. Even the feat seems nicer since it lets you tough as many times as you want when you proc it. Field marshall killshot actually seems like it might get quite a bit of use.

Both the gargantuans seem nice with him. Alternatively or additionally you could play the blitzer, bomber and dozer. All of those beasts got better and Gunnbjorn is as good with them as ever. The highwaymen are also nice with him and make a good snipe target. As always you probably need a good tarpit unit and you can use the fennblades for that. Overall I would say you just need some ranged beasts and something that stalls for long enough to let them shoot for several turns at their insane sniped range.


Changes: Gives field marshall swift hunter, trades evasive for dodge, weald secrets now grants hunter instead of camouflage. WB points 30.

Opinion: The only reason I played Jarl before was the snipe double magic bullet insanity. It wasn't very good back then and now he lost even that. Looking at what he got for it. He has the highest beast points in our faction, equivalent to 2.5 points of extra models. The runebearer can cast magic bullets for him now, giving him effectively 2 focus a turn instead of 1. Focus was always Jarl's biggest issue and this is definitely nice. Hunter is better than camouflage but I'm not sure which unit we're supposed to use it on. Even if you pop it on bandits or bushwackers (who get meh use out of it) you're wasting the pathfinder part. The swift hunter field marshall is the weakest field marshall I can think of and you don't even get much from playing ranged beasts with him. Overall he just does not deliver any real punch and will imo get even worse with the meta. I'm passing on him for now.

Synergy: Quicken on fennblades is still nice, weald secrets can give hunter to a ranged unit. You will definitely take a runebearer with this guy. I think I would play him with GK jsut to get the conceal to protect him and some extra ranged support.


Changes: He's the new guy.

Opinion and synergy: Looking at him in light of a full reveal I would say he's actaully quite decent. I mainly see him as another ranged beast battlegroup caster. You take something like 2 bombers, Dozer and a tarpit with him. You run into the edge of the scenario, dig in and jam with your non beast army while bombing the opponent from afar. Hopefully you pop your feat in a way that prevents your opponent from clearing your beasts and then you clean up with ppulverizer and 3 beasts (hex blast if needed). I'll try the guy out sooner or later.

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